Walk with Values

Truth, Right conduct, Peace, Love, Non-violence

What is Walk with Values?

Walk with Values is a non-monetary annual walk (walkathon) to raise awareness about the values buried within each of us, values that are the very core of our human nature. The five main human values, as identified for us by Sathya Sai Baba are:

    • Love: caring, compassion, forgiveness, enthusiasm, devotion.
    • Peace: contentment, humility, patience, self-confidence, self-respect.
    • Truth: honesty, integrity, optimism.
    • Non-violence: gentleness, consideration, co-operation, equality, cultural respect.
    • Right-conduct: gratitude, perseverance, determination, responsibility, sacrifice, courage, duty and ethics.

The walk will take place on Saturday 25 April 2020, from Jubilee Square, Leicester, at 10:30am.

Who is it for?

Walk with Values is a walk for you and I, open to all, our families and community, regardless of age, faith, culture, race, language or profession, for it promotes values that have no borders or barriers.

Walk with Values involves no money. Participants don’t raise money for any cause. Rather, let’s make a difference by pledging our commitment to practise a human value of our choice.

What can this achieve?

By participating in the Walk with Values, each one of us – from various faiths, cultures and professions  – commit to practise the values that we cherish in common by walking side by side with each other. In doing so, we can achieve two things:

    1. raise awareness about positive human values such as Love, Truth, Non-violence, Peace and Right conduct
    2. bring to attention the urgent need to practice them in our lives and thereby overturn the negative impacts we face in our communities today on social and environmental issues that affect our lives and our spirit.


How do I take part?

To take part in the walk on Saturday 25 April. You will need to register to take part. Use the button below to find out more.

Human Values Concert

Last year we were fortunate to have Vadé, the De Montfort University Gospel Choir and Boilup Tropical join us. This year, we’re honoured to have the following choirs and groups join us for what will be a musical feast; DMU Children’s, Disciples Fellowship Ministries, UK Gospel Choirs and Find Your Soul (FYS).

The performances will have one focus – the human values of Love, Peace, Right conduct, Truth and Non-violence. The concert aims to fill the airwaves with positive vibrations and uplift those who attend. Music is truly a medium that transcends the head and speaks to the heart.

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