Human Values for Harmony and Happiness

Called the 3HV Human Values Concert, a 90 minute programme with musical pieces in different styles and languages will be rendered from 11am onwards. Musicians from different genres, from different faith and language backgrounds will be performing with one focus– the human values of Love, Peace, Right conduct, Truth and Non-violence.

The ‘Human Values for Harmony and Happiness’ concert aims to fill the airwaves with positive vibrations and uplift those who attend. Music is truly a medium that transcends the head and speaks to the heart.

Where will the concert take place?

The concert will take place on Humberstone Gate near Charles Street junction.

Are there any costs involved?

Absolutely not – this is a non profit free event. We do not fundraise or ask for donations. The sole aim of the concert is to spread the message of the five human values.

Who will be performing?

We are indeed fortunate and honoured to have the following artists take part on this unique occasion.

Dana Gillespie

Dana Gillespie is a singer, songwriter and actress of international recognition with more than 45 years in music and 60 albums to her credit. In a career In a career that combines radio, theatre, film and sport (she was once British junior water-skiing champion) with music, and with popular performances in the UK, Europe, USA, India, and the Carribbean, Dana Gillespie has truly emerged as a global ambassador of the message of unconditional love and harmony in the world today.

Dana is also the organiser of the annual charity Blues Festival which takes place on the Caribbean Island of Mustique. The festival started as a small  event but as Mustique has grown in popularity, as a tourist destination,  so has the festival. The funds collected are used to pay for scholarships for children’s schooling in the  neighbouring island of St. Vincent. Dana maintains that the event will continue to be a free festival, raising  money through the sale of the Mustique Blues Festival LIVE CD produced every year.

Emmanu’-EL Apostolic Gospel Academy (EAGA)

The Emmanu’-EL Apostolic Gospel Academy, is a gospel choir from Leicester, made up of people from all over the world. Members hail from Jamaica, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Nigeria, Bermuda, Canada, Ghana and the U.K. The group are all members of a Pentecostal church, founded by Bishop Mark, who moved to the UK from in Jamaica in 1992.

Deepa Nair Rasiya and group (George Cooke, Manjeet Singh Rasiya, Nimrata Kaur)

London-born singer songwriter, Deepa Nair Rasiya is a well recognised personality on the World Music platform internationally for her deeply soul-stirring vocal style. Her South Indian heritage, combined with her exploration of and training in both Western music and North Indian Classical music have come together to shape her into a unique musician straddling with ease a range of musical genres and earning her an unrivalled place amongst the female Indian vocal artistes of the UK today.

April 2016 has seen Deepa become the first British Asian musician to win the coveted Jury Award at the 2016 Artist Aloud Independent Music Awards in India, for her 10 track Punjabi Sufi album, ‘Destination’. Some of the senior-most and leading figures in the music industry in Mumbai formed the panel and voted ‘Destination’ Best Album of the Year. She has had the unique and immense honour and privilege of recording her vocals with two legendary musical giants of our times: the late George Harrison of the Beatles and the late Pandit Ravishankar on their spiritual album ‘Chants of India’.

George Cooke

George Cooke is a very poplar and experienced cello player who brings in a rare combination of skill, warmth and inspiration to his audiences. George has performed at venues such as the Wigmore Hall and Holywell Music Room, and abroad at the festivals of Chigiana, Cervo, Ischia and Santa Cecilia. In August 2016 he performed with the Odeion String Quartet in Bloemfontein, South Africa. He is a member of the London Suzuki Group and currently studies the Suzuki method at the British Suzuki Institute.

George is devoted to spreading music through education. He is a Leverhulme Fellow at Pro Corda, where he teaches chamber music, and a founding member of ARCO, the pioneering collaboration between Birmingham Conservatoire and Cape Gate MIAGI Centre for Music, Soweto. Beyond traditional cello performance, George performs in a variety of bands and writes for film, TV and radio. His music has been broadcast on BBC Radio 3, BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio Oxford and Dutch Radio 1.

Nimrita Kaur

Nimrita Kaur is the grand daughter of the UK’s renowned Kirtani Giani Gurdyal Singh Rasiya. She is phenomenally talented young musician and works as a music composer, vocalist and music producer, whilst continuing her studies at University. She has performed at concerts with Deepa Nair Rasiya internationally – in Stockholm, Berlin and in various locations in France recently and is actively involved as composer, arranger and producer for the newly formed vocal trio KAURAS. KAURAS’s debut release ‘Nanak Naam’ was produced by Nimrita and it has received a very positive response from listeners everywhere.